World Water Council and FAO intensify collaboration to strengthen global water & food security

June 19, 2014

MARSEILLE, France — FAO and WWC share the view that water security is essential to food security and human well-being.

MARSEILLE, France — The World Water Council (WWC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have agreed to intensify their collaboration in a bid to strengthen global water and food security, according to a press release.

Long-time partners, the two organizations will expand their joint work on a number of fronts, including: Knowledge and technology development to enhance water productivity; the education of water management professionals and building human capital development in the water sector; and promoting sound water policymaking and better cooperation within the water and irrigated agriculture sectors.

FAO and WWC share the view that water security is essential to food security and human well-being, and acknowledge the possibility that water shortages could lead to increased local and regional tensions, stated the release.  

The two organizations are cooperating to develop a range of activities to put water security higher on the political agenda, to mobilize political will on integrated water resources management, in order to achieve significant advances in economic development and the fight against hunger and poverty, noted the release.

"Water is key to food security. Agriculture requires large quantities of water for irrigation. Agriculture is the largest user of water among all sectors. Enough water is available for our global future needs provided that efficient water management is implemented. This issue will continue to grow as the world's population keeps on increasing," said Benedito Braga, president of the World Water Council. "Major changes in policy and management are needed to ensure best use of available water resources in meeting growing demands for food and other agricultural products. With FAO, the World Water Council will support and encourage governments to act in favor of water and food security to fight against hunger and poverty."

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