Dealer support, networking and new ways of learning go a long way

June 25, 2014

Supplier support can be gauged in many direct and indirect ways.

Each year, in Water Technology’s annual benchmarking survey, “getting support/value from suppliers” is a consistent top five important industry issue among our readers. This year, it ranked as the most important issue ahead of such critical concerns as: Hiring/training good employees; dealer sales ethics; vehicle fuel costs; and lack of public understanding of water issues. These are just a few examples of the choices provided in the annual benchmarking survey.

If you are interested in reviewing our annual benchmarking survey, you can visit and view the July 2013 digital issue. Our 2014 survey is complete and the results have been tallied. Print and online readers can expect the new issue by early to mid-July.

For dealers that feel that they are not getting enough support from their manufacturers, we ask that you look at the big picture. For instance, you are reading this newsletter as a result of manufacturers and suppliers supporting an industry publication. Without our advertisers’ support, we could not offer a growing portfolio of free products for dealers.

Furthermore, look at the various trade shows and regional events that manufacturers invest in to keep open lines of communication and advancing education with customers and the industry. And, if you’re in a poor relationship with a supplier, it is best to get out and move on.

For future surveys, we hope that “getting support/value from suppliers” becomes less of an industry issue that is most impacting dealers’ businesses. In this month’s special newsletter, we highlight some opportunities that dealers have to advance their competitive position with supplier and expert support.

From special pricing and branded marketing literature to attending webcasts and reading newsletters such as this one, supplier support can be gauged in many direct and indirect ways. It is important for us as an industry to come together now because the water changes and challenges ahead will require a team effort.

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