Palintest USA introduces Wagtech portable water quality testing kits

Aug. 28, 2014

Wagtech kits by Palintest are the most comprehensive for water testing.

Wagtech kits by Palintest are the most comprehensive for water testing.

For microbiological and physico-chemical testing of water in a variety of settings, Palintest now offers a full range of Wagtech-branded comprehensive water quality testing kits. In environments from emergency response to remote long-term monitoring, the kits bring the lab to the sample, delivering reliable measurement of multiple parameters in a convenient, portable case.

Kits allow all levels of users to quickly and effectively test all parameters of concern using simple but highly accurate procedures. Testing protocols conform to WHO guidelines for assessment of potable water. Kits are chosen based on testing needs. For applications with risk of both pathogenic species and chemical contaminants, Palintest offers combined microbiological and physico-chemical testing kits: The Potalab+, Potatech+ and Potakit+. For water sources where there is no significant physico-chemical risk, Palintest offers microbiological-only kits: The Potatest+, Potatest 2 and Potaflex.

Depending on the kit chosen, all of the required instruments, sensors, accessories and consumables are packaged together to test for organisms such as coliforms and Ecoli; analyze key physical characteristics such as turbidity and conductivity; and measure specific chemical parameters such as pH, chlorine, ammonia, arsenic and fluoride. Everything needed is packed in IP67-rated carry cases with energy-efficient battery-operated instruments for use anywhere.

For a helpful kit selection tool and more information, please visit or email [email protected].

Palintest USA, a Halma company, manufactures water testing and environmental products for water quality, drinking water and swimming pool testing. The company also leads the way in innovative technology for the domestic, industrial and commercial water and soil management markets. Since acquiring Wagtech water testing division in 2011, Palintest has developed an entirely new product range designed to test a drinking water sources for safe human consumption. Whatever the requirement, Palintest offers the most reliable and precise methods available in portable water testing.

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