Special edition newsletter covers water softening and conditioning

Oct. 9, 2014

BIRMINGHAM — In case you missed it, check out Water Technology’s Special Edition e-Newsletter: Water Softening & Conditioning.

BIRMINGHAM — Water Technology’s latest Special Edition e-Newsletter on water softening and conditioning was recently released.

Once a month, our Special Edition e-Newsletter’s challenge-solution format features a new topic, providing in-depth online exclusive content on issues pertaining to the special topic that are most pressing to subscribers.

This month, we feature articles centered on water softening and conditioning, with topics including: Smart technologies, the chemistry of salt and resin, soft water versus hard water and more.

A selection of recent news articles related to water softening and conditioning is also provided in this month’s newsletter, including news covering: The addition of a Sales Certificate to WQA’s Modular Education Program (MEP) and the removal of beerstone and limescale using electronic water treatment.

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