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Dec. 15, 2014

Who's Who in Water Treatment, December 2014


UV Superstore, Inc. was founded in 2005 in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area for the purpose of distributing premium quality American Made ultraviolet (UV) direct-replacement lamps, quartz sleeves, and a multitude of spare parts to the UV industry. Today we have become a leading distributor of thousands of ultraviolet products and a marketer and manufacturer of our own line of UV water and air treatment systems. Our equipment and products are successfully used in UV systems worldwide. Our skilled sales team brings forth over 50 years combined experience in the ultraviolet treatment industry. We have the knowledge for any application suitable for UV treatment.

With our broad experience in UV applications and our commitment to quality craftsmanship we are confident our valued customers are assured we are supplying the best products available in the marketplace.

On the market

We have ultraviolet equipment lines ranging from low flow rates to flow rates in the thousands to meet almost any residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water and air UV treatment need.

Our UV systems are capable of treating the highest purity RO/DI water down to Wastewater and even air space in a storage tank. Standard Output, High Output, Amalgam technologies…we are certain we have a system that is right for you!

Most of our systems are Made in the U.S.A. and are either produced or assembled from our warehouse. This allows us to reduce product lead times!

More than 95% of our UV lamps and quartz sleeves are Made in the U.S.A., are direct replacements and guaranteed to perform and last as long as the OEM’s. With more than 10,000 lamps in-stock every day and the most complete in-stock spare parts selection, to include power supplies, O-Rings, gaskets, UV monitors, sensor probes, lamp harnesses and so much more to meet the requirements of most all UV systems.

UV Superstore also has one of the most complete cross reference lists in the industry to quickly assist our customers with the spare parts they need. Almost all in-stock orders are shipped the same day as the order is placed. We get the products to you when you need them.

New parts, old parts, discontinued parts, obsolete parts, we have a solution for you!

UV Superstore’s production team custom builds UV Monitors, power supplies and manufactures lamp harnesses and meter boards to name a few.

Future plans and vision

UV Superstore is expanding its residential, commercial and industrial lines of ultraviolet treatment systems.

We are currently developing our own line of a three stage undersink drinking water system. While still in the development phase, this system will have a two stage carbon filtration for chemical removal with the final stage of UV disinfection to kill any remaining microorganisms.

In the commercial market, we have started designing a new High Output system with higher flow rates utilizing 304SS. We will also be adding new higher flow rates on our newest system, the CoyoteUV™.

UV Superstore continues to develop and supply the latest technology in Ultraviolet treatment to meet industry needs. Combining this with our knowledgeable staff and unbeatable in-stock inventory, we are the One Source for All Your UV Needs! Watch for our new products in 2015!

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For more information, please contact 770-307-3882 or visit www.uvsuperstore.com.

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