Train carrying crude oil derails, shuts down two water treatment plants

MOUNT CARBON, W. Va. — According to city officials, the train derailment caused 14 tankers to catch fire or explode, and one tanker ended up in a river.


MOUNT CARBON, W. Va. — A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed during a snowstorm in Southern West Virginia, shutting down two water treatment plants and evacuating hundreds of families from their homes, according to a news release provided by

Officials reported 14 tankers caught fire or exploded and one tanker ended up in a river, stated the release.

The release continued that the derailment occurred around 30 miles southeast of Charleston along a flat stretch of rail.

According to CSX, the train company, one person was treated for potential inhalation issues, noted the release, however there are no other reported injuries.

You can find the release here.

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