In the home industry, spring is a marketer’s dream

March 5, 2015

With spring comes an array of chores and home improvement projects for homeowners.

Yikes — spring is two weeks away. I can’t believe it. I just finished my last powder run on the Big Burn in Snowmass, Colorado. But, that’s me personally.

For businesses in the home industry, whether lawn care or pest control, gutter cleaning or exterior painting, water conditioning or roof repair — spring is a key time for marketing.

Spring ushers in a whole host of chores for homeowners, from getting the lawn prepared for the first mowing of the year, protecting trees and shrubs from insects and mold, getting gutters cleaned of leaves and debris, and just sprucing up the home after a long winter.

This is the time that homeowners start to move on the home improvement plans they’ve been talking about and marketers need to be ready with a well-thought-out direct mail program to reach homeowners in their specific markets.

Unless a business is first in search, it better remember to continually reach out to the best prospects in its market. Home improvement companies need to always be proactive and generate leads for their sales pipeline.