AWWA State of the Water Industry Report highlights infrastructure concerns

DENVER — More than 1,700 water professionals contributed to the survey.


DENVER — The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has published its 2015 State of the Water Industry Report detailing issues facing North American water professionals, according to a press release.

At the top of the list of concerns are the state of water and wastewater infrastructure, and how professionals can finance capital improvements, noted the release. The availability of a long-term water supply, and “understanding the value of water systems and resources also are included as top-five issues in the report.”

The report can be downloaded for free on AWWA's website, stated the release. Its publication coincides with AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE15) in Anaheim, California, June 7-10.

More than 1,700 water professionals contributed to the survey, reported the release. Forty-three percent of respondents said their total water sales were declining, and 29 percent said sales were flat or little changed in the last decade.

More efficient fixtures and irrigation systems as well as an increase in conservation efforts have largely caused nearly three of four utilities to use the same or less amount of water, shared the release. This fact begs the question: “How will utilities finance impending infrastructure needs as well as increasing day-to-day operating costs with the same or less amount of water flowing through the meters?”

A 2012 AWWA study discovered more than $1 trillion was needed to replace and expand drinking water infrastructure over the next 25 years, noted the release.

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