Pulsar wins Watercorp contract

PERTH, Australia — Pulsar will implement hundreds of non-contacting ultrasonic sensors and controllers.


PERTH, Australia — Watercorp of Western Australia has chosen Pulsar Process Measurement to supply sewage pump station measurement and control equipment, according a press release.

Under the contract, Pulsar will use hundreds of non-contacting ultrasonic sensors and controllers, noted the release. The company will also provide technical and sales support from its regional office.

Watercorp has installed more than 200 Pulsar ultrasonic units since 2012, stated the release. Its 3,000 employees manage 100 wastewater treatment plants and more than 700 pumping stations.

“Watercorp’s choice of Pulsar equipment demonstrates the lower support costs and high reliability that we offer, and we are delighted to be able to help them to solve technical issues and provide a high standard of service to the people of Western Australia,” Colin Murphy, Pulsar’s regional manager Asia Pacific, said in the release.

Because of its distribution network and regional offices, Pulsar also has a presence in Russia, China and the U.S., reported the release. It can deliver its equipment anywhere in the world.

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