EPA awards funds to manage UST petroleum leaks

DALLAS — Seepage can be hazardous to groundwater supplies and in areas such as parking garages or basements.


DALLAS — The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) recently received funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help it respond to and clean petroleum leaks from underground storage tanks (UST), according to a press release.

OCC was awarded $459,000 to aid in response efforts to repair leaks from USTs, and $809,000 to help cleanup efforts, noted the release.

UST requirements were strengthened recently, stated the release, to help officials prevent and detect petroleum leaks. UST seepages are one of the leading sources of groundwater contamination.

Leaks from the tanks can also be hazardous in areas such as parking garages or basements, reported the release. UST leaks in these places can allow fumes and vapors to escape, which can cause explosions or respiratory illness. “Regularly monitoring tanks and pipes minimizes contamination risks,” shared the release.

The new UST procedures can be accessed here when the final regulations are published. 

Click here to read the entire release.

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