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July 7, 2015

John Guest® introduces three products: shut-off valve in ¾-inchCTS, female swivel elbow in 3/8-inch Speedfit x ¾-inch national/garden hose threads and the female connector in 3/8-inch o.d. x 9/16-24 compression threads.

John Guest® introduces three products: shut-off valvein ¾-inchCTS,female swivel elbow in 3/8-inchSpeedfit x ¾-inchnational/garden hose threads and the female connector in 3/8-incho.d. x 9/16-24 compression threads. The shut-off valve’s 1/4-turn handle prevents unwanted movement, an indicator arrow displays the off position and two buttons allow color coding for hot and cold water. The swivel elbow connects the water supply line to a dishwasher, while the female connector threads onto chrome supply valves and 3/8-inchcompression threads.

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