Annual survey reveals market optimism

July 9, 2015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Most respondents reported revenue increases over the last fiscal year.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the July issue of Water Technology, Editor Lori Ditoro presented the state of the water industry report using results from the 2015 Benchmark Survey.

The survey was taken by water professionals and revealed several market and economic trends. The majority of respondents (67.5) reported 2015 revenues were higher during the last fiscal year, while 24.5 percent indicated their revenues were unchanged.

Average revenues were also reported on the survey. The West/Mountain region saw average revenues of $1,095,000, while the Northeast reported $2,779,287.

Respondents serving restaurants were down 80 percent, but 60 percent still reported the market as the No. 1 commercial or industrial customer served. Fifty-two percent stated office and institutional drinking water systems were No. 1.

Ditoro writes that the U.S. economy is experiencing overall improvement. This includes the housing market, which presents opportunities for the residential water treatment market.

"We are seeing far more applications from new homeowners than we have in the past couple of years, and the lending programs available for water dealers today are far more numerous than they have been in the past five years," said Andrea McCullion, senior vice president – sales and marketing for Foundation Finance Company, in the article.

The market can only get better as economic conditions and innovations continue to grow.

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