Organizations receive Environmental Excellence Awards

July 10, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The eight winners earned Silver Awards for their commitment to go beyond regulatory compliance.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Eight organizations have been awarded Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Silver Awards, according to a press release.

The program recognizes organizations committed to environmental excellence according to three levels: bronze, silver and gold, noted the release. “Silver Award recipients have demonstrated a commitment to go beyond regulatory compliance, have integrated outstanding environmental management into their core business functions and have developed aggressive performance goals, including a process to communicate the company’s environmental progress to its community.”

The winners are:

  • GKN Driveline of Bowling Green – The company assembles drivelines for major automobile manufacturers. It is a zero waste facility and uses process modification to produce no hazardous waste.
  • TimkenSteel’s Water Treatment Plant of Canton – The plant receives wastewater from the Harrison, Gambrinus and Faircrest plants. It reduced costs and chemical use when it found an alternative to the coagulant in use for decades. It produced less solids and a drier filter cake.
  • University Hospital of Cleveland – The hospital enacted new programs while led to a reduction in recycling costs and the volume of hazardous waste reaching landfills. It donated unused equipment and supplies to eliminate more than 38,000 pounds of landfill waste.
  • GOJO Industries of Cuyhoga Falls – The business produces and markets skin health and hygiene solutions. It reduced water usage, solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and it eliminated more than 9,000 pounds of hazardous waste.
  • Melink of Milford – The corporation’s new headquarters is Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design- (LEED) certified. The building should save around $45,000 per year.
  • CSX Intermodal Terminals Inc. — Northwest Ohio Trans-Shipment Terminal of North Baltimore – Technologies such as electric cranes and optical scanners allow the site to go beyond routine environmental compliance.
  • Industry Products Company of Piqua – The family-owned business trunk floor in American-made automobiles. It recycled 70 percent of its waste from 2012-2013. It also reduced carbon dioxide by 122 tons.
  • Ford Sharonville Transmission Plant of Sharonville – The facility began reclaiming 45,000 gallons of machining oils annually for direct reuse. This saved about $540,000 per year. Machining oil use has reduced by 65 percent.

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