Routine sampling discovers algal bloom

July 13, 2015

PALATKA, Fla. —The Florida Department of Environmental Protection will determine if algal toxins are present.

PALATKA, Fla. — An algal bloom was found in Doctors Lake while scientists from the St. Johns Water Management District conducted routine weekly water sampling, according to a press release.

The samples have been sent to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to identify the species, stated the release. The tests will determine if algal toxins are present.

Algal blooms are caused when algae increases rapidly in an aquatic system, reported the release. The event can happen naturally or be caused when an overabundance of nitrogen and phosphorus exist.

The district, DEP, Florida Department of Health and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have coordinated to respond to potentially harmful algal blooms since 2009, noted the release.

The health department can provide people with information regarding algal blooms’ impacts on human health, shared the release.

Click here to read the entire release.

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