100-year-old hose company launches new website

PRESTON, England — The company is also using the site’s launch to change its brand positioning.


PRESTON, England — Richards Hose has unveiled a new website to increase its business, according to a press release.

The company, which has been in business for 100 years, manufactures industrial hoses and couplings for a variety of uses including firefighting equipment and power hoses for Flyboarding, noted the release.

Blackpool-based company Zestisbest helped design the site, stated the release.

"It’s a complicated digital world these days," said Richards Hose Managing Director Trevor Hatton in the release. "Research shows that more than one in every two first searches are now done on a smartphone or tablet. We wanted to address this to improve the user experiences for our customers and those wishing to find out more about what we do."

The company is also using the site’s launch to change its brand positioning, reported the release. It is moving away from its roots in firefighting as it changes its URL from richardsfire.co.uk to richardshose.com.

"We supply such a diverse range of clients from firefighting, passenger shipping, agriculture and even Flyboarding enthusiasts," Hatton added in the release. "To just use ‘fire’ in our brand identity simply wasn’t reflective of our business anymore. It is all about making our customers’ lives easy. We need to move forward as Web technology advances."

Customers can use the website to view, print and download PDF data sheets detailing the company’s products, shared the release.

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