Using software for a more effective company

July 23, 2015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — All-in-one solutions can help streamline operations even more.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the July issue of Water Technology, Maria Woodie writes about how software contributes to the daily operations of a business. Depending on whether the correct system is chosen, it can hinder the organization or contribute to a successful enterprise.

Nick Leibham, account representative for KDS Moses, says in the article that software can act as a solution for nearly any business management-related task. Billing, lead tracking, scheduling, accounting, inventory, mobile and automated payments are just a few of the possibilities owners can use to make their businesses more effective.

All-in-one solutions can help streamline the process even more, notes Leibham. This is especially true as mobile technology continues to advance as a part of everyday life.

"A [phone] and tablet today can be equipped with mobile apps developed by a variety of software companies to assist your field staff to record customer information and water tests, create quotes and complete installation work orders with parts and equipment," says Kuneth in the article. "Customers can be presented with invoices and proposals emailed right to their [inboxes], and techs can receive payment with a swipe of a credit card on-site. PDF contracts, pictures of customer locations, installations and plumbing assessments can be attached for future referral."

The technology can help owners keep employees accountable, increase sales, reduce labor, improve visibility and boost customer satisfaction, reports the article.

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