Clean water powered by South Florida landfill

July 24, 2015

MIAMI — The county will save $2.4 million per year when the system is fully operational.

MIAMI — A water treatment facility has been designed to cut costs by using methane-rich gas from a landfill as energy, according to

The South District Wastewater Treatment Plant has four generators to convert the gas into energy, but it will not operate at full capacity for at least another month, noted the article. Currently, only one generator runs full-time because of a technical issue.

Florida Power & Light is responsible for fixing the problem, stated the article. But once that happens, the plant can generate about half of its energy needs from the landfill and by converting other byproducts from the treatment process.

The county will save $2.4 million per year when the system is fully operational, reported the article. With one generator, the facility only saves $600,000.

Douglas Yoder, deputy director of the county’s Water and Sewer Department, explained in the article that the county is looking into installing a fifth generator as a backup when other generators require service. It will not run for another 18 months, but it will save the county another $600,000 when fully operational.

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