Groundwater cleanup plan proposed for Superfund site

NEW YORK — Hexavalent chromium and volatile organic compounds have contaminated the location.

Izzet Noyan Yilmaz/iStock/ThinkStock
Izzet Noyan Yilmaz/iStock/ThinkStock

NEW YORK — A plan to clean up a Superfund site in Newfield and Vineland, N.J. may soon receive changes to address contaminated groundwater, according to a press release.

The Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp. site’s original plan called for a system that pumps groundwater out of the ground and treats it, noted the release. The new plan would treat the groundwater with non-hazardous additives and break down the contaminants, which would naturally decline while under monitoring.

Hexavalent chromium and volatile organic compounds have contaminated the groundwater, stated the release. Exposure to the contaminants can cause nervous system damage and a greater risk of come cancers.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the modifications after conducting a study that showed natural processes and non-hazardous additives can effectively reduce some contaminant levels, reported the release. The EPA will explain the proposed modifications at a public meeting at Aug. 12 in New Jersey.

Superfund sites rely on polluters to pay for the cleanup rather than taxpayers, shared the release. The EPA will oversee the cleanup efforts at the Shieldalloy site, but the company will conduct and pay for the efforts.

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