Aquatech Amsterdam’s 25th show includes Industrial User Experience

Aug. 11, 2015

AMSTERDAM — The session will focus on a different sector each day of the convention.

AMSTERDAM — The 25th edition of Aquatech Amsterdam will add a new element to help industrial users face their water challenges Nov. 3-6, according to a press release.

The Industrial User Experience will cover the oil and gas, food and beverage, paper, mining and chemical sectors, noted the release. Industrial water users will lead and provide a platform to "share insights into the water challenges they face and their experiences with solutions."

"Industries need to reduce their water footprints — that’s the short message," said Leon Korving, scientific project manager with Wetsus, in the release. "We have selected these industries because we think these are the ones with the biggest water challenges ahead."

Wetsus is acting as programmer for the session, stated the release. It will run all four days of the convention near the entrance to one of the show halls.

"We are specifically inviting end users to present," said Korving in the release. "Over 90 percent of speakers will be end users and during the sessions they will provide details of practical experiences with solutions to industrial challenges, including insights into progress with innovations in areas such as ceramic membranes, anaerobic technologies, and recovery of metals. The Industrial User Experience will therefore enhance what is already a hugely successful show. What we are trying to provide is that Aquatech becomes a two-way experience."

The program will focus on a different sector each day of the show, reported the release.

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