New service options pay dividends

Add water coolers to the dealer portfolio.


In the competitive water industry, water treatment professionals and dealers must always look for ways to stay ahead of their peers, provide excellent customer service, and ensure that all regulations and safety precautions are followed. In George Dziura of MTN Products’ September article, he discusses the benefits of adding specialized point of use (POU) equipment.

The addition of this equipment can increase profits. However, he cautions that a business plan and sound operating procedures must be established to make sure that customers are satisfied and revenues are increased.

The plan

The business plan must include:

  • Equipment selection based on the customers’ needs and specific geographic locations
  • Detailed information from the equipment representatives
  • The cost of possible parts that need to be exchanged and kept in inventory
  • Personnel with knowledge of all the regulations and plumbing codes of all states

Dealers should also hire selectively. Potential employees should be knowledgeable in refrigeration; electrical; and hopefully, plumbing. Poor hiring decisions may result in damage claims because of improper installation.

Organizations, such as WQA (Water Quality Association), provide specialized training in all aspects of water treatment business practices, including classes in ethical sales methods. Dealers should use these associations. They should also build relationships with their equipment suppliers to maintain a source of online technical guidance, product selection or in-house training.

Installation and maintenance best practices

Dziura also indicates that attention to detail is important when installing POU systems. Installation practices are a company’s advertising billboard. Customers will watch and question all decisions and steps. Best practices should be established and training should be provided to all personnel.

Following the suggestions and best practices will help water professionals be better organized, prepared and profitable. Furthermore, customers will be pleased with the reliable service and professionalism.

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