‘Carton bottle’ offers eco-friendly option for bottled water

Aug. 31, 2015

A startup company is the first in the U.S. to offer the paper-based packaging.

GLEN FALLS, N.Y. — Aug. 27, 2015 — JUST Beverages chose a paper-based packaging from Tetra Pak to offer an eco-friendly container for its bottled spring water, according to greenerpackage.com.

The company’s JUST Water bottled water product is packaged in a square container made with 53 percent paper, a high-density polyethylene bottle top and an HDPE cap, noted the article.

JUST Beverages calls it beverages "ethically traded" because it uses less than 2.5% of Glen Fall’s excess 1.7 billion gallons of water, stated the article. This is done to ensure the Adirondack watershed is protected.

According to its website, the package is 100 percent recyclable and reduces CO2 emissions by 52 percent, reported the article.

"With a focus on environmental and social stewardship, JUST Water offers consumers a different type of packaged water that feels as good as it tastes," said Grace Jeon, CEO of JUST Beverages, in the article. "Tetra Top aligns with our brand ethos. The carton delivers a sleek, sustainable package that not only protects our great water, but is also compelling to our consumers."

JUST Water has been available at several Whole Foods Market stores and by airport retail and management company OTG since August 2015, shared the article.

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