Mobile app provides water quality information to homeowners

Oct. 15, 2015

The free app can help homeowners diagnose potential water quality problems.

DALLAS, Pa. — Sept. 22, 2015 — B.F. Environmental Consultants launched a new mobile app that makes water quality information available for homeowners, according to a press release.

Professional geologist, soil scientist and founder of B.F. Environmental Consultants Brian Oram developed the tool, called "Know Your H2O?"

"Consumers have fully embraced mobile technologies," said Oram in the release. "If we want to help them, we’re going to have to make our information available to them through their IOS and Android devices. This new app will put actionable information about water quality into the hands of homeowners all across the country. I’m very proud of this new product."

The app uses online water quality software available through the Water Research Center website, noted the release. Consumers can receive assistances diagnosing potential water quality problems with the first version of the software by exploring health concerns, aesthetic, physical or other specific problems in their homes.

"This tool helps consumers diagnose problems, but then goes beyond that to provide recommendations for further testing or corrective action," Oram added in the release. "The app is based on a holistic approach and is guided by concerns about our water, homes and health. It is a comprehensive tool that can be used by any homeowner, building inspector, water quality professional, or water treatment professional to diagnose a problem and determine next steps."

For more information or to download the free app, click here.

Look for Brian Oram’s article on private well water testing in our upcoming November issue.