Xylem’s Patrick Decker explains solving world water challenges with sustainable charity

Xylem’s employee-led charitable organization, Xylem Watermark, allows employees to visit places such as India where its projects are implemented.

Lori and Xylem’s Patrick Decker

Editor-in-Chief Lori Ditoro spoke with Patrick Decker, president and CEO of Xylem Inc., on the trade show floor at WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago.

In their conversation, Decker shares how Xylem is striving to help solve world water challenges through its employee-led charity, Xylem Watermark. Employees contribute to the organization and can even travel to places like India where the charity’s projects are implemented.

"This is a great development for our people," shares Decker in the podcast. "We get ideas for products and innovation from these. At the end of the day, you want to make it sustainable, because the world can’t be sustained off of purely charity. So we’re really trying to find ways and access to bring quality of water to all people … And we need as many partners as we can find to help us do that."

You can find more information on Xylem Watermark here.

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