Residential treatment market welcomed at WQA in Nashville

April 1, 2016

New equipment, improved technologies and industry networking were dominant during this year’s event.

If you were not able to make this year’s Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Convention & Exposition, we hope that you will visit our show page to catch up on everything we saw at the show, including videos and photo galleries. New equipment, improved technologies and industry networking were dominant during this year’s event. The Water Technology team met with prominent water equipment and service companies during the show.

Group Digital Associate Editor Robyn Tucker, Account Executive Addison Perkins, Publisher Michael Christian during the WQA Convention and Exposition Welcome Reception.

We are grateful to WQA for hosting an excellent reception on Tuesday at which we enjoyed delicious fare and saw many old friends (see above image, left). Also on Tuesday, Jacobi Carbons hosted us at its wonderful event at the Country Music Hall of Fame, at which we enjoyed live music as well as delightful food and drinks (see above image, right).

In addition, we attended in several presentations, including "Data" Dale Filhaber and Kelly Thompson’s session on how to use the WQA Consumer Survey to improve lead generation and in-home presentation results, which was insightful. Filhaber’s article on this subject appeared in our February issue and can be found on

I also listened to an enlightening session on the Flint water crisis, presented by Otto Schwake, Ph.D., from Virginia Tech. It focused on the timeline from the switch to Flint River water to the present day and what contaminants affected the city’s population, including increased Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease incidences. Joe Cotruvo details this crisis and next steps in his Professor POU/POE: Flint Fact & Fiction.

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