Denmark and the US form water technology partnership

April 5, 2016

Initially, the alliance will focus on the water crisis in California where four years of drought have led to water shortages.

WASHINGTON — April 4, 2016 — Water companies and organizations in the U.S. will work with their counterparts in Denmark as part of a transatlantic collaboration announced on Monday.

The Water Technology Alliance (WTA) California was launched by Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs at the conference “Water/More for Less — Sharing knowledge and best practice from the U.S. & Denmark.”

The alliance aims to share knowledge and expertise on efficient water management and treatment. Initially, it will focus on the water crisis in California where four years of drought have led to water shortages.

“I am happy to see that Danish water technology companies have the expertise to help with the demand caused by the drought in California,” Tørnæs said. “The collaboration is a good example of how Danish research can take on international tasks beyond the borders of Denmark. Denmark and California can benefit from each other’s knowledge, and in the meantime also create jobs.”

The alliance was established by Danish water distribution company Aarhus Vand and includes Danish firms Kampstrup, Applied Biomimetec, Danfoss, Grundfos, Ramboll, Smith Innovation, Skytem, DHI and Leif Koch A/S.

“In Denmark, our wish is to expand our position as the powerhouse to clever and efficient water solutions on a global scale,” commented Lars Schrøder, CEO of Aarhus Vand. “As such, we create growth and Danish jobs, and we help other countries to reach their targets for reducing pollution and improving water use efficiency. In turn, we discover new findings and ideas that help to further our efficiency back in Denmark. Our experiences have shown us that cross-partnerships open doors and benefit many parties, and this is exactly the objective of the WTA California.”

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