The new, industrial focus of Water Technology

Oct. 25, 2016

We are changing the editorial direction of Water Technology to focus on industrial source water and wastewater management and treatment with the print relaunch occurring in our January/February 2017 issue.

For 38 years, Water Technology has served the point of use, point of entry, commercial, small municipal and light industrial water industries. Last year, we joined the Process Flow Network, the segment of our publishing company with an industrial focus, and this group’s expertise lies in the industrial water sector. United for a powerful network of brands within process operations, fluid movement and containment, system integration and water treatment, the Process Flow Network creates content for diverse industrial processes. The sister publications of Water Technology are Processing and Flow Control.

With our new role in the Process Flow Network in mind, we are changing the editorial direction of Water Technology to an industrial focus on source water and wastewater management and treatment. This change, redesign and relaunch of the magazine will take time, so this August issue will be the last print issue we publish in 2016. The relaunch of Water Technology with the new industrial focus will occur in our January/February 2017 issue. During 2017, we will produce six bimonthly issues of the magazine.

However, our essential content — including informative columns from Dr. Joe Cotruvo, technical articles, case studies, market analyses and news — will continue to be updated and can be found at and on Facebook and Twitter. Continue to visit the site for updates on the new Water Technology and important information about the water industry.

This was a well-thought-out decision, and we plan to continue the same in-depth coverage. We are excited about the future of this magazine and hope many of our loyal readers and website visitors will continue with us on this new journey. As always, we welcome your feedback. We will see you again in print soon.

Reach me anytime at [email protected] or on Titter at @LoriDitoro.

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