Siemens event covers digitalization; Baldor Electric Company is now ABB; OriginClear licensee signs contract

March 26, 2018

Industry news roundup: Siemens event covers digitalization; Baldor Electric Company is now ABB; OriginClear Spanish licensee to supply water treatment technology.

Siemens SCADA/IPC Days event covers emerging communications

Approximately 130 attendees gathered for four days of product presentations, emerging technology discussions and a market trend outlook at the Siemens Factory Automation SCADA/IPC Days 2018 on February 19-22 in San Antonio, Texas. Members of the Siemens team joined their Solution Partners and end user companies from various market segments to review new product offerings in the IPC segment of the Siemens portfolio plus new platforms in the SCADA segment. The event was hosted by the product marketing teams for Factory Automation.

The primary message takeaway for the group was that digitalization will hallmark the factory of the future and SCADA will be the "digital doorway for data" in that rapid evolutionary process, as it impacts all industries, both discrete and process. There were also presentations on cloud computing and edge computing, the constituent elements of the digitalization trend, comprising both hardware and software elements. This discussion led into the program’s introduction of various new thin client IPC product offerings and the latest version of SIMATIC WinCC SCADA systems.

In addition to the technical presentations and market overviews, an interesting end user application was detailed by Derek Thoma of Hop Valley Brewing, a Miller/Coors company. Thoma spoke on the marked improvements in production and product quality tracking made possible by the advanced IPC and HMI provided by Siemens, in addition to the SCADA software for process monitoring and management.

Baldor Electric Company is now ABB

ABB will integrate the Baldor Electric Company name into its global ABB brand as part of its strategy to harmonize different ABB-owned brands under the global ABB master brand. Beginning March 1, 2018, Baldor Electric Company will be known as ABB. As ABB, the organization will continue to manufacture, design and market the product brands of Baldor-Reliance motors and Dodge mechanical power transmission products from 15 U.S. manufacturing locations. The organization will continue to support ABB’s entire U.S. motors and generators business unit, including ABB branded IEC motors, large AC motors, generators and related services from the motors, generators and mechanical business headquarters in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

OriginClear Spanish licensee to supply water treatment tech for pig farming effluent

OriginClear Inc, a provider of water treatment solutions, announced that its licensee in Spain, Depuporc S.L., has signed a commercial contract to supply complete mobile treatment systems to pig farm operators. The units have a daily capacity of 120 m3, or 31,700 gallons per day. Depuporc intends to integrate OriginClear’s Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation (EWS:AOx) technology in the systems it deploys. The contract outlines orders beginning with 12 machines in the first year, tripling to 36 units by the third year. OriginClear’s EWS:AOx will form the core of a complete mobile system designed and built by Depuporc in Spain. Large solids will be removed before EWS:AOx, with a polishing stage afterwards to ensure discharge water quality will meet stringent European Union water quality standards.

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