Landia joins biogas association; ClearCove partners with Marmon Water; Griswold offers pump videos

Aug. 6, 2018

Industry news: Landia joins the World Biogas Association; ClearCove partners with Marmon Water; Griswold offers educational video series for pump operators.

Landia joins the World Biogas Association

As a founding member of the U.K.’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), Landia has increased its global presence in the biogas industry during the past decade, particularly in China, the U.K., the U.S., the Far East and Australasia. Landia has also recently become a member of the World Biogas Association.

"The common benefit enjoyed by our customers is reliability, backup and our externally mounted GasMix system, which makes life much easier and far more economical for AD operators," said Landia’s export sales director, Thorkild Maagaard. "No biogas plant wants disruption to their process. GasMix also boosts gas yields, so it’s a win-win. We look forward to working closely alongside our new fellow members to spread the good word about biogas."

ClearCove partners with Marmon Water

ClearCove Inc. announced the finalization of a cooperative agreement with Marmon Water Inc. The agreement means ClearCove will be identified as a Technology Partner of the Marmon Industrial Water Group of Marmon Water, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. The collaboration will allow the two companies to work together on penetrating the food and beverage wastewater treatment and resource recovery industry (both existing and new markets), leveraging ClearCove’s pretreatment wastewater treatment technology.

“We are honored to have secured this cooperative agreement, said ClearCove’s CEO, Greg Westbrook. "The combination of Marmon’s resources, network and infrastructure with ClearCove’s heavily-patented technology is an exciting proposition for the industry.”

Griswold offers educational video series for pump operators

For pump operators looking to gain technical knowledge on centrifugal pumps, Griswold offers education videos. In the first of a continuing series called the Centrifugal Pump Minute, James Farley, Griswold product manager, reviews how to determine available system NPSHA (net positive suction head available) for a pump that is installed and operational. Available system NPSHA is the absolute pressure at the suction port of the pump and is a function of the system that must be calculated. Using the calculation needed to determine NPSHA, Farley presents example tests that will establish system performance and possible pump cavitation. Cavitation, if left untreated, can cause excessive vibration and serious damage to the pump. The video shows the step-by-step processes to test NPSHA, including where to check on the pump for each data point in the NPSHA calculation.

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