Veolia provides solution to Kraft Heinz; Emerson acquires Advanced Engineering Valves; AOAC-RI certifies Hygiena test

Dec. 27, 2018

Industry news: Veolia Water Technologies provides Kraft Heinz China with wastewater treatment solution; Emerson acquires Advanced Engineering Valves; AOAC Research Institute certifies Hygiena ATP test.

Veolia Water Technologies provides Kraft Heinz China with wastewater treatment solution

Veolia Water Technologies provided Kraft Heinz China with a wastewater treatment solution for its new soy sauce plant in Guangdong, China. The solution will help the company meet provincial and national discharge standards. The Kraft Heinz Yangjiang food factory will produce about 125,000 tons of soy sauce a year. Veolia will use its AnoxKaldnes Biological Activated Sludge (BAS) solution to provide a volumetric loading capacity up to three times higher than conventional activated sludge. BAS is a combination of Veolia’s AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and activated sludge processes. The plant will also have a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) clarifier system for phosphorous removal and biological sludge separation.

Emerson acquires Advanced Engineering Valves

Emerson acquired Advanced Engineering Valves (A.E. Valves), a manufacturer of valve technology that helps customers improve their processes. The deal will enable Emerson to provide customers with A.E. Valves’ portfolio of valves to improve performance and reliability. Headquartered in Verviers, Belgium, A.E. Valves produces and designs special industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, polymers, oil, coal gas, cryogenic and heavy industries and is known for its ball valve design.

AOAC Research Institute certifies Hygiena ATP test

The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) issued its Performance Testing Method certificate to Hygiena’s UltraSnap Surface ATP Test for identifying potential presence of microbial contamination. Hygiena used a third-party laboratory to test UltraSnap on stainless steel surface in five food matrices, replicating a food processing facility. The results showed low limits of detections and showed it was able to detect ATP from surfaces soiled by food and beverages. The certification is the first of Hygiena’s ATP-based test products.

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