The INVENT HYPERCLASSIC Mixing & Aeration System

Feb. 25, 2021

The HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System is a mechanical aeration system that has been in use in industrial wastewater treatment plants for more than 20 years. With a unique combination of mixing and aeration system, INVENT provides the solution for the demanding tasks of aerobic wastewater treatment. Especially in the wastewater resulting from paper production, because of the specific characteristics of the components, all the problems in the aerobic process step are avoided: 

  • Oxygen is transferred through a ring sparger, which is installed leak-tight above the basin floor. This design ensures a high injection depth and long dwell time of the air bubbles. In addition, the large injection openings ensure many years of aeration operation with no blockages, loss of pressure or efficiency. 
  • The high injection efficiency or rather the ability to generate fine air bubbles is the result of stainless-steel ribs on the bottom of the mixer-body. During aeration operation, the mixer-body rotates continuously, producing very fine bubbles in the trail of the stainless-steel ribs. They are transferred and distributed laterally, radially into the basin with the mixer flow.