November 12th webcast - Driving quality with real-time carbon data in Food and Beverage

Nov 12th, 2019

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November 12, 2019 

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The Food and Beverage industry is constantly faced with demands to meet product quality and production goals. Some of the challenges to this include product recalls, equipment maintenance, and meeting compliance goals - whether it's corporate or environmental goals - all may be impacted by water quality. Product contamination tops the list of reasons why product recalls occur, and errors during the process can be very costly.  Water quality monitoring helps mitigate the risks of contamination and costly fines by offering the data needed to drive process decisions. Specifically, monitoring carbon throughout a facility can ensure water quality is optimal and free of contamination. The use of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis can provide a simple method to measure water quality and provide insights into all organics present from ingredient through production processes. Join this webinar to learn how the quick delivery of TOC data can help drive valuable decisions and ensure quality goals. What You’ll Learn:  

  • Challenges (continuity, quality, sustainability) around carbon contamination and solutions through monitoring  
  • Areas that can benefit from TOC monitoring in your Food & Beverage facility 
  • What is TOC and how does it compare to other monitoring methods

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Amanda Scott
Industrial & Environmental Product Manager
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

Amanda Scott leads the industrial and environmental vertical with Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Analytical Instruments based in Boulder, Colorado. She has a master’s in chemical engineering from University of Cambridge and a bachelor’s of chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University. With Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Scott’s focus has been to develop and support innovative analytical monitoring solutions for industries and municipalities to meet quality, compliance and control goals. She has been published in more than five trade journals and has presented at over 20 different national and international water conferences.    

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