Making Potable Reuse Sustainable with Innovative Energy Recovery Solutions

Originally broadcast on June 21, 2023. Now available On Demand.

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Potable reuse is growing rapidly in the US and globally. It typically uses significantly less energy than seawater desalination and can occasionally use less energy than other alternative water supplies. Despite the prevalence of energy recovery efforts in seawater reverse osmosis applications, few potable reuse plants are implementing these practices. Hesitations include the fear of a long payback period or higher maintenance, but those perspectives are outdated based on the current equipment available. New isobaric energy recovery devices can make potable reuse more sustainable and affordable, leading to significant cost and energy savings.


Erik Desormeaux | Director of Application Development | Energy Recovery

Erik Desormeaux is Energy Recovery’s Director of Application Development. He is a professional civil engineer with over 18 years of low pressure membrane experience including participating in the planning, design, and construction of multiple brackish desalination and potable reuse projects in California.

Eric Kadaj | Senior Director of Business and Applications Development | Energy Recovery

For more than 20 years, Eric has applied his engineering and technical expertise to drive greater sustainability within desalination and the industrial wastewater space, including process design and implementation, operational strategies, and novel discoveries that minimize environmental impacts.

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