ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) applauds federal legislation introduced by Representative Renee Ellmers, Representative Jim Matheson and Representative Richard Nugent that would provide consumers with uniform information about the quality and safety of their bottled water products, according to a press release.

“The ‘Bottled Water Quality Information Act’ (H.R. 4978) introduced by Representatives Ellmers, Matheson and Nugent would make it easier for consumers to obtain clear, consistent and comprehensive information about the bottled water products they buy,” said IBWA President and CEO Joe Doss. “National uniform labeling and bottled water quality reporting standards are good for consumers and build on the extensive product information already provided by bottlers. This important legislation codifies the bottled water industry’s current efforts to ensure transparency and continues our commitment to have the highest quality standards.”

According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC), approximately 31 percent of what Americans drink is water. Of that, more than 50 percent is bottled water, stated the release.

The Bottled Water Quality Information Act requires bottled water producers to annually prepare, and make available upon request, a bottled water quality report.

The report would include the type of water source; treatment methods used by the bottler; and test results for the microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological quality of bottled water, as prescribed by federal regulations, noted the release.

The legislation also requires each bottled water label to include the name and contact information of the bottled water manufacturer or distributor, the type of water source (e.g., spring, artesian, well, public water system) and a statement on how consumers may obtain the bottled water quality report.