ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Himalayan brand natural mineral water has been certified to NSF International’s Beverage Quality Certification Program, according to a press release.

Himalayan is the leading brand of natural mineral water for Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited, located in Mumbai, India, stated the release.

The NSF certification program tests and certifies beverages, packed ice and bottled water to verify compliance with national and global standards (e.g., U.S. FDA, WHO, EU, etc.), continued the release.

NSF-certified water, reported the release, helps to reassure regulators and consumers that the water has passed testing and plant inspections, in addition to “rigorous” safety and quality requirements.

Himalayan mineral water must undergo “annual product testing and unannounced bottling facility audits covering every aspect of a bottler's operation,” from the source of the water to the disinfection and treatment process, as well as the container closure process, to maintain NSF certification, noted the release.

“NSF certification is a major milestone in our journey to making Himalayan natural mineral water a global reality,” said Pradeep Poddar, managing director and CEO of Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited.

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