SAN FRANCISCO — Smart H2O Summit announced several industry-leading companies have signed on as exhibitors and/or will be presenting papers as part of the comprehensive conference program, according to a press release.

Smart H2O Summit is scheduled to take place Aug. 17-19 in San Francisco, stated the release.

Jane McDermott, event director, reported that Badger Meter, PAX, BIOCLEANER and Sensus are just a few companies that have recently reserved exhibit space, and a number of companies, including Isle Utilities, Atlantium and Fathom, will present papers at the event, continued the release.

“We are delighted to welcome these industry-leading companies to the show floor and the conference program,” said McDermott. “It appears the word is spreading that Smart H2O Summit is an important event for the municipal market and other key water stewards, as we are attracting several new companies every week.”

The Smart H2O Summit was created to help communities and select business sectors address critical water infrastructure challenges through innovative, global technologies and solutions, noted the release.