Water Connections: Ultra-High Recovery RO

Reverse osmosis desalination technology for municipal and industrial process water.

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Reverse osmosis desalination technology for municipal and industrial process water

Flow Reversal technology (FR-RO) developed and patented by ROTEC LTD is designed to be implemented in new and existing reverse osmosis (RO) desalination facilities for water purification, brackish water, process water, and other industrial applications. This high recovery technology addresses concerns often associated with desalination and enables significant system performance improvements leading to higher profitability, reduced operating costs, and a lower environmental impact. FR-RO directly addresses challenges with concentrate management.

Biofouling and scaling decrease the efficiency of conventional RO technology; therefore, the ability to work at high recovery provides an excellent method to cope with this challenge. FR-RO increases the volume of the treated recycled water providing the physical barrier. It also removes the psychological barrier necessary for water recycling, mainly for potable reuse.

When it comes to wastewater reuse, whether industrial or municipal, the potential for biofouling on the membrane surface increases due to the relatively higher concentrations of bacteria, algae, and organic matter in the treated wastewater that is used as the feed water to the RO. Mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging, which limits recovery rates, increases cleaning frequency, and reduces the membrane’s lifespan. The FR-RO solution allows plants to operate at higher recoveries without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative impacts on system performance.

FR-RO substantially improves system performance compared to standard reverse osmosis desalination systems in several ways, including: increasing process recovery up to 20 percent; dramatically reducing concentrate volumes that require disposal by at least 60 percent; and minimizing or eliminating anti-scalant chemical consumption. FR-RO can be introduced as a new installation in the beginning design phase or in existing RO installations via system retrofit.

A third product, Flow Reversal Concentrator, is designed to treat an existing concentrate stream and maximize water recovery. The FR-Concentrator is a patented design that alleviates concentrate management issues experienced with existing RO systems to further maximize water recovery. This system could be implemented as a retrofit of an existing RO used to treat reject streams or as a brand new FR-­Concentrator unit.

In existing RO plants, our engineer will determine what product is the best fit.

AdEdge-ROTEC provides new RO systems based on the Flow Reversal technology in any capacity applicable to a large variety of markets, including potable, industrial, and brackish water. Supplied systems are turnkey and include all the required pretreatment and product treatment auxiliary systems (as an option).

The company also provides a customized retrofitting package for existing RO desalination systems, which includes all the required engineering services, necessary equipment, and on-site construction to successfully incorporate FR-RO technology into existing operational desalination facilities. Retrofitted facilities see improved operational performance, increased profitability, and higher recoveries. IWW

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