Singapore offering companies grants for water-efficiency improvements

Nov. 6, 2020
Firms can now seek up to $300k for installing water-efficient equipment

Companies in Singapore looking to purchase water-efficient equipment or embark on water recycling initiatives can now tap on additional funding and receive their grants faster from National Water Agency PUB.

PUB is a statutory board under Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment. It is the national water agency, and manages the city-state’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way.

The new funding effort is part of PUB’s enhanced Water Efficiency Fund (WEF), which will benefit eligible companies using at least 1,000 m3 or more water monthly.

Introduced in 2007, the WEF encourages companies to manage their water demand by co-funding water efficiency projects that yield at least 10% reduction in water consumption or annual water savings of at least 6,000 m​3​. These include feasibility studies, water audits, recycling efforts and the use of alternate sources of water. To date, PUB has facilitated more than 350 projects, with over $24 million awarded.

The non-domestic sector currently accounts for more than half of Singapore’s total water demand of 430 million gallons per day. Total water demand is expected to almost double by 2060, with the non-domestic sector accounting for most of the increase in demand.

For more details on the funding categories, please download the application form from: