PPG reports progress on sustainability goals

April 23, 2021

PPG, a supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials, recently released its 2020 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s progress against key environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas. The report is available at sustainability.ppg.com.

“Our unwavering commitment to ‘protect and beautify the world’ guides our more than 46,000 employees to further advance our sustainability progress each day,” said Michael H. McGarry, PPG chairman and chief executive officer. “We continue to innovate, invest and develop sustainably advantaged products and processes that our customers and other stakeholders count on to create a more sustainable future. As highlighted in our latest Sustainability Report, we have made significant progress within our many ESG-related initiatives, and we continue to drive our ambitious targets forward.”

Throughout last year, PPG improved the sustainability of its products, processes and operations, decreasing its overall global environmental footprint. Achievements included:

  • 35% of sales from sustainably advantaged products and processes, including the launch of antibacterial and antiviral products, against the goal of 40% by 2025;
  • 35% of manufacturing and research and development locations with zero process waste to landfill;
  • 34% reduction in waste disposal intensity from the 2017 baseline – above the 25% goal by 2025;
  • 15% reduction in water intensity from the 2017 baseline against the goal of 20% by 2025;
  • 33% reduction in the spills and releases rate from the 2017 baseline; and
  • 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2017.

As part of its portfolio of sustainability advantage products, PPG also offers a proprietary anti-fouling treatment for its line of microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and spiral wound filter elements, which are used for industrial process water and wastewater applications serving the oil and gas, automotive, metalworking and other industrial industries. The anti-fouling treatment inhibits oil, grease and other tough-to-filter contaminants from collecting on, or “fouling”, PPG membranes and filter elements. Because the treatment hinders membrane clogging, it can extend the service life of PPG’s membranes, which can reduce replacement maintenance costs and save money.

“The ability to clean and reuse industrial water is beneficial in so many ways, not just to the companies who recapture this valued resource, but also for the planet as whole,” said Lisa Walters, PPG filtration segment manager, specialty coatings and materials. “Our membrane and the enhanced performance provided by our new anti-fouling treatment offer another great example of how PPG’s products protect and beautify the world.”

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