Centrisys to provide decanter centrifuge for anaerobic digestion facility

July 1, 2021

Centrisys Corporation, a North American manufacturer of decanter and thickening centrifuges and dewatering systems, recently announced that it has secured an order from Bioenergy Devco for a CS26-4DT 2PH decanter centrifuge for the Maryland Food Center Anaerobic Digestion Facility currently under construction and targeting to be fully operational before year’s end. The facility will be one of the largest organics recycling facilities on the East Coast and will manage 70,000 to 100,000 tons per year of food and agricultural waste to be sustainably processed. Centrisys’ CS26-4DT 2PH decanter centrifuge will dewater feed sludge that is 80% anaerobically digested food waste and 20% anaerobically digested municipal waste.

"Bioenergy Devco chose our CS26-4DT decanter centrifuge as the best-in-class solution to dewater a broad range of mixed food waste sludges," said Michael Kopper, chief executive officer and founder of Centrisys. “This type of environmental process requires the most reliable and versatile equipment, and we stand behind and are proud that our decanter centrifuge was the proven, lower-risk solution.” 

Features of the CS26-4DT decanter centrifuge include:

  • Rotodiff hydraulic scroll drive, Centrisys’ standard backdrive
  • Highest G-volume and torque capacity
  • Feed capacity up to 400 gpm
  • Lowest installed combined horsepower (165HP) in its size specification
  • Increased solids handling, reduced polymer consumption
  • Auto lube system
  • USA designed and built
  • USA centrifuge service and repair facilities

Bioenergy Devco’s Maryland Food Center Authority Anaerobic Digestion Facility is the Mid-Atlantic region’s first anaerobic digestion facility that will allow up to 100,000 tons of organic waste. As anaerobic digestion harvests energy by harnessing the power of microorganisms to break down or digest biodegradable waste in air-tight tanks without oxygen, the resulting product is captured, refined, and used as renewable natural gas.

Kopper continued, "A key consideration in the establishment of our partnership with Bioenergy Devco was the accessibility and reputation of Centrisys’ U.S. operations team. We took a customer-centric and real-time approach to understand the variables in this first-of-its-kind operation and will lean on our proven ability as a partner for process optimization, engineering, and service.”

For more information about Centrisys Corporation and the CS26-4DT decanter centrifuge, visit www.centrisys-cnp.com. 

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