Water Council and SCS Global Services partner on corporate water stewardship

Jan. 10, 2022
The partnership will include development of programs to help companies move beyond traditional water management to credible water stewardship that addresses enterprise-wide challenges and opportunities.

The Water Council recently partnered with SCS Global Services to improve corporate water stewardship outcomes and reporting.

This new partnership will include development and rollout of programs to help companies move beyond traditional water management to credible and verified water stewardship that addresses enterprise-wide challenges and opportunities.

Multiple factors are influencing companies to address water-related challenges in their value chains. These challenges include supply disruptions, climate impacts and ever-increasing calls from stakeholders to take credible, concrete action to achieve measurable water stewardship outcomes. High on the list is the expanding call for companies to demonstrate tangible environmental, social and governance (ESG) results, including an expectation to prioritize water-related actions and commitments with the same vigor with which companies have been addressing greenhouse gas reduction and recycling initiatives.

The Water Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freshwater innovation. It served as the regional partner for the Alliance for Water Stewardship in North America from 2016 to 2021, helping build the business case for water stewardship and creating the world’s first credentialing program for water professionals.

SCS Global Services is an international leader in third-party verification of environmental, social and sustainability performance, helping organizations demonstrate and communicate their corporate responsibility and sustainability success stories.

“As The Water Council expands our water stewardship services, it is exciting to start 2022 with the announcement of this new collaboration with SCS Global Services as they have a strong global reputation as a third-party verifier of environmental and sustainability performance,” said Dean Amhaus, The Water Council president and CEO. “We have informally worked with SCS for several years and see them as a critical partner as we roll out a new water stewardship program early this year.”

“We look forward to collaborating with The Water Council through this partnership, as they consistently bring a forward-thinking approach and inclusivity to water stewardship,” said Rae Mindock, SCS Global Services’ program manager of responsible water practices. “We are excited to roll out new programs this year for more companies to benefit from and grow with confidence in their corporate water stewardship practices.”

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