Heartland Water Technology announces new solution for reverse osmosis concentrate evaporation

May 11, 2022
RO is increasingly being adopted by landfill operators to efficiently reduce high volumes of leachate.

Heartland Water Technology, Inc., an industry-leading provider of wastewater treatment technologies, introduces ROVAP™ a complete leachate treatment solution for onsite RO concentrate evaporation.

The Heartland team designs, builds and operates decentralized modular wastewater treatment systems.

Landfill operators across the country are concerned about rising leachate treatment costs and limited disposal options. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is increasingly being adopted to deal with emerging contaminants, recapture clean water, and efficiently reduce high volumes of leachate. But wastewater treatment using an RO system produces a byproduct - RO concentrate - which is even more challenging than leachate. Heartland's LM-HT® Concentrator is a proven solution for treatment of leachate RO Concentrate.

Said Heartland's CEO Earl Jones, "Reverse osmosis and evaporation are complementary technologies which work well together. Our customers increasingly need to treat leachate onsite and ROVAP™ provides an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable way to meet that goal."

ROVAP™, using the Heartland Concentrator, has already proven to be an effective tool for onsite RO Concentrate management. "Heartland facilities are successfully treating hundreds of thousands of gallons of leachate RO Concentrate each day at multiple US locations," said Steve Gabrielle of Energy Power Partners (EPP). "Together with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority, EPP operates a ROVAP™ system which achieves 98% leachate volume reduction. The onsite system improves the landfill's carbon footprint, returns clean water to the environment, locks-in treatment costs over time, and reduces overall operating expense for the landfill."

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