Marmon Industrial Water launches containerized water treatment solutions line and operating services

Oct. 6, 2022
Compact water treatment containers use a combination of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization technologies to produce ultrapure demineralized water for industrial processes.

(BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA — Oct. 4, 2022 — Marmon Industrial Water release) — With more than 180 years of combined water purification industry experience, Marmon Industrial Water is unveiling its Containerized WT Solutions line. These compact water treatment containers use a combination of ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodeionization (EDI) technologies to produce ultrapure demineralized water for industrial processes. Designed and assembled using a 20- or 40-foot shipping container as both the skid structure and building, the sleek product line offers a host of benefits over traditional in-plant building, including simplified deployability resulting in a rapid installation to production timeline.

“Our priority is two-fold: To always listen, and then to deliver,” said Marmon Industrial Water president Paul Holmes. “We work with our customers in a collaborative way, seeking to understand their aspirations and design custom solutions to meet their needs, allowing them to focus on their core business and take the risk out of water. Our containerized solutions are a turnkey way to do just that while providing life-cycle cost savings by eliminating the fees associated with rental equipment and demineralization trailer exchanges.”

While these technologies are familiar within the industry, the new MIW Containerized WT Solutions improve on current offerings with high flow production capacity. Using membrane-based technologies, the MIW solution removes suspended solids, dissolved solids and organics, and remaining trace ions to produce demineralized water. Optimized container design allows easy transportation, limited civil work and quick installation, further reducing installation and operating expenses for plant operations.

Marmon Industrial Water is also now offering operating services in the Gulf Coast region. Based in Houston, the service team can operate critical water systems that MIW supplies, as well as provide the technical expertise to troubleshoot and supply critical spare parts from the local Gulf Coast Service Center.

 “Operating water systems consistently and correctly is often a challenge to our customers who are challenged from a people perspective,” Holmes said. “We are here to reduce that risk.”

MIW is a leader in industrial water treatment technologies for power generation, oil refining and chemical production, with thousands of installations across 30 countries and six continents. Containerized WT Solutions encompass the cutting-edge technology of MIW and its portfolio of brands, which include Ecodyne and Graver Water Systems, both known as premier solutions providers in the industrial water and wastewater treatment space.

About Marmon Industrial Water

Marmon Industrial Water is one of the oldest global water solutions providers. Previously under the Ecodyne Limited and Graver Water Systems names, MIW has a combined history of over 180 years in the water purification industry. MIW understands the environments of industrial plants around the world and supplies the right equipment for the application. MIW provides solutions to the power generation, oil refining, chemical and other heavy industrial markets.

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