Mott Corporation acquires Michigan's Digested Organics

May 5, 2023
The deal allows Mott to grow its clean energy portfolio and expand its skid manufacturing and electrical engineering capabilities.
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(ARMINGTON, Conn., March 30, 2023 — Mott Release via PRNewswire) — Mott Corporation recently announced that it has acquired Digested Organics, a Michigan-based engineering company that manufactures advanced filtration solutions to help customers reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable co-products.

Digested Organics specializes in water reclamation solutions for waste streams. The technologies Digested Organics deploys are critical to addressing global issues such as water scarcity and groundwater pollution, and to the creation of sustainable, circular agriculture. Through customized filtration solutions, Digested Organics' technology can dramatically reduce the costs for farmers of disposing of millions of gallons of wastewater by converting them into clean water and products like fertilizer and animal bedding. Digested Organics also provides solutions that facilitate the conversion of organic wastes into renewable energy sources.

Mott provides filtration and flow control solutions to cutting edge industries including semiconductor, clean energy, aerospace, healthcare – and now water and agriculture. Mott's engineered solutions help build and improve our technological world, with applications from satellites and cell phones to implantable medical devices and green hydrogen facilities.

With this acquisition, Mott grows its clean energy portfolio, expands its skid manufacturing and electrical engineering capabilities, and welcomes a new business unit focused on water and wastewater.

"Digested Organics is breaking barriers in the water and clean energy spaces, allowing agriculture and food and beverage operators across the country to be more productive and profitable," said Mott's CEO, Boris Levin. "Digested Organics shares Mott's culture of innovation and caring deeply for its employees and customers, as well as Mott's core competencies in design, engineering, and project management. We're excited to bring the Digested Organics team into our Mott family. Employees will benefit from this growth as employee owners in our Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) program."

"Mott products help generate green hydrogen, produce semiconductors, and protect satellites in space. They're now bringing that same precision engineering to the wastewater and water reuse market with the joining of our two companies," said Bobby Levine, the CEO of Digested Organics who will stay on to lead the company. "We are confident that under Mott's leadership, our customers will continue to see the highest quality, innovative solutions they've come to expect from Digested Organics and that our employees will continue to thrive in a creative, collaborative work environment."

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