KROHNE to showcase TIDALFLUX 2300 F at Florida Water Resources Conference 2023

May 30, 2023
The TIDALFLUX 2300 F electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow measurement solution ideal for partially filled pipes.
Courtesy of KROHNE
The TIDALFLUX 2300 F provides reliable flow measurement in pipes between 10 and 100 percent full.
The TIDALFLUX 2300 F provides reliable flow measurement in pipes between 10 and 100 percent full.

KROHNE, Inc. announced that it will be showcasing the TIDALFLUX 2300 F Electromagnetic Flowmeter, a flow measurement solution ideal for partially filled pipes, at the Florida Water Resources Conference 2023 from May 31-June 3, 2023, at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Attendees can view KROHNE’s unique electromagnetic flowmeters at booth #534.

The TIDALFLUX 2300 F provides reliable flow measurement in pipes between 10 and 100 percent full. It features a non-contact sensor that is unaffected by oils and fats floating on the surface. Its smooth surface prevents buildup, minimizing the need for regular cleaning.

Available in diameters to fit pipes up to 72 inches, TIDALFLUX 2300 F has high chemical and an abrasion resistant polyurethane liner to provide exceptional durability. The electromagnetic flowmeter features an integrated, non-contact capacitive level measurement and a Class 1 Division 2 rating for use in hazardous environments. TIDALFLUX 2300 F is an excellent choice for municipal or industrial wastewater transport application, and can also be used for measurement of effluent brine from dredging, mining or sea/well water injection applications.

Wet-calibrated at the factory using a direct volume comparison, TIDALFLUX 2300 F does not require on-site calibration. The meter’s accuracy in partially filled pipes is <1 percent of full scale, and the accuracy in full pipes is <1 percent of the measured value.

A good choice for use in the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in wastewater applications, the TIDALFLUX 2300 F replaces open channel measurements with an in-line closed measurement solution that provides a safe and clean working environment. The electrodes are mounted at a height of 10 percent from the pipe bottom, ensuring that they are always wetted to avoid corrosion, which increases electrode life span. The capacitive level sensors are integrated in the liner, and are unaffected by H2S and any residues that may be floating on the water surface or particles in the water.

TIDALFLUX 2300 F is available with the IFC 300 F (PF) remote converter in field housing. This means that the IFC 300’s extended diagnostic functions, including application and device diagnostic as well as out-of-spec tests, are now available for TIDALFLUX. For subsoil installation or applications in areas that can be partially flooded, TIDALFLUX 2300 F can be ordered with an IP68 protection rating which features a special coating.

KROHNE will also have the WATERFLUX 3070 battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter on display as well as the OPTIWAVE 1400 among other measuring solutions. The WATERFLUX 3070’s unique rectangular sensor design provides bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range and good low flow performance. The water meter’s optimal pressure and temperature sensors allow it to be used in leak detection, quality control, and pressure management systems. The OPTIWAVE 1400 is a 2-wire 24 GHz radar (FMCW) level transmitter for liquids in water and wastewater applications. It is equally suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement of water from springs, rivers, lakes or the sea as well as rainwater, wastewater, sludge or other liquids in storage applications. 

For more information, speak with the KROHNE experts in booth #534 at the Florida Water Resources Conference or visit

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