Pilot Water Solutions, Chevron finalize a produced water agreement in the Permian Basin

June 1, 2023
Under the deal, PWS will construct and operate a large-diameter pipeline to transport produced water away from Culberson County, Texas.
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(HOUSTON — May 31, 2023 — Pilot Water Release via PRNewswire) — Pilot Water Solutions, announced that it has entered a long-term contract with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. for water management in the Permian Basin. This contract enables both PWS and Chevron to advance their goals of safely, effectively and efficiently managing produced water.

"We are delighted to provide comprehensive water management services for Chevron's Permian Basin operations in the Delaware Ranch. Our goal is to be the most reliable and sustainable water midstream provider in the energy sector. A key pillar of our operations is to offer best-in-class services that effectively manage produced water, protect the environment and improve water sustainability in the Permian Basin," said Anuj Sharma, CEO of Pilot Water Solutions.

Under this agreement, PWS will construct and operate a large-diameter pipeline and related disposal infrastructure to safely, efficiently and effectively transport produced water away from Culberson County, Texas for shallow disposal in Reeves County, Texas.

For more information on PWS and its services, visit www.pilotwatersolutions.com.

About Pilot Water Solutions

Pilot Water Solutions, a majority-owned subsidiary of Pilot Travel Centers LLC, is one of the largest midstream saltwater disposal and transportation companies in the United States with operations in the Permian Basin, Appalachian Basin, Haynesville and Eagle Ford. PWS is committed to providing best-in-class, full cycle water infrastructure, recycle, reuse and disposal services.

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