ZwitterCo named 2023 Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Summit

June 1, 2023
Water technology company recognized for its unique superfiltration membranes transforming the industrial wastewater reuse landscape.

(BOSTON — June 1, 2023 — ZwitterCo Release via PRNewswire) — ZwitterCo, which develops filtration membranes to treat the most challenging wastewaters, was named the 2023 Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Summit. The award recognizes the technology company that introduced the most impactful commercial breakthrough into the global water technology market in the previous year.

"The organizations recognized at the Global Water Summit, including ZwitterCo, are inventing the future of water security," said Alex Rappaport, co-founder and CEO of ZwitterCo. "As we navigate through this era of water optimization and adaptation, ZwitterCo is proud to be part of the community of water technologists who are actively addressing global scarcity challenges, ensuring that this essential resource remains within everyone's reach, now and in the future."

ZwitterCo's Global Water Summit recognition is made possible by over a decade of R&D underlying its unique superfiltration membranes, which are made using its patented zwitterionic copolymers. The company's technology overcomes a common roadblock in industrial wastewater treatment — membrane fouling, which has historically held back effective water reuse on a commercial scale. Because of this, ZwitterCo's customers can reuse more water, reduce chemicals, and deal with less waste hauling. The company has delivered more than 4 million gallons per day of treatment capacity in agriculture, food and beverage, landfills, and bioprocessing.

In 2022, ZwitterCo announced one of the largest Series A funding rounds for a water technology company at $33 million. The company recently hired seasoned executive Chris Ling as CFO and, shortly after that, announced a new channel partnership in North America with Mott Corporation following Mott's acquisition of Digested Organics, ZwitterCo's channel partner in North America since 2021. This honor from the Global Water Awards underscores ZwitterCo's market position and ability to scale new technologies quickly and efficiently.

The Global Water Awards are announced annually at the Global Water Summit, the premier worldwide business conference for the water industry. The awards recognize the achievements of water industry leaders in the water, wastewater, and desalination sectors that are moving the needle on innovation and affordability.

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