Pioneer Pump to feature Vortex Series at WEFTEC

Sept. 12, 2023
The pump series is ideal for applications that need to pass solids while also handling flows to meet the application’s high total dynamic head and gallons per minute requirements.

(Fort Wayne, Ind. – Sept. 2023 — Pioneer Pump Release) – Industrial processing companies are experiencing success handling abrasive wastes with the Vortex Series from Pioneer Pump, a Franklin Electric Co., Inc. brand. These results have led Pioneer Pump to feature the products at the 2023 WEFTEC show, Oct. 2-4 in Chicago. The recessed impeller pumps will be on display in the Franklin Electric Booth #4012.

Vortex Series pumps are designed for maximum reliability. Using a recessed impeller design, the series combines the efficiency characteristics of a self-priming pump with the solids handling capabilities of a chopper pump. This makes it ideal for applications that need to pass solids while also handling flows to meet the application’s high total dynamic head (TDH) and gallons per minute (GPM) requirements. Recessed impellers assure that only about 15% of the solids that pass through the pump encounter the impeller.

“This series offers a great alternative to chopper and trash pumps,” said Mario DeSimone, product manager for large centrifugal pumps. “They pass through the most challenging solids, making them ideal for applications where fluid conditioning, macerating or mix-prevention are unnecessary. We’ve worked with many industrial processing customers that have experienced reduced downtime and improved production efficiencies when using Vortex Series pumps, and we’re excited to share these stories with customers at this year’s WEFTEC show.”

Combining this impeller design with the Pioneer Prime vacuum-assisted priming chamber allows the pump to move both solids and fluids efficiently. The priming system also ensures rapid and unattended repriming, and the run-dry lubrication system avoids premature seal and rotating assembly failure. There are also no cutters in the pump to keep sharp or wear plates to maintain. Together, the features and mechanics of the Vortex Series pump save time and money by eliminating internal wetted parts that typically require maintenance – ultimately extending the overall life expectancy of the pump.

To learn more about the Pioneer Pump Vortex Series, stop by the Franklin Electric booth at WEFTEC or visit

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