Cyber Enviro-Tech signs a service agreement with Crosstex to clean contaminated oil production wastewater

Oct. 17, 2023
CETI will provide its biotechnology solution to clean and ultimately repurpose this wastewater safely back into the environment.
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 17, 2023 (PRNewswire) — Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc is pleased to announce the signing of a service agreement with Crosstex Environmental STX, LLC for the biological cleaning of contaminated oil production wastewater. CETI will provide its biotechnology solution to clean and ultimately repurpose this wastewater safely back into the environment.

During oil production, far more brine (salt water) is produced than oil. This water is heavily polluted with not only salt but also hydrocarbons and industrial compounds making it hazardous to the environment.  Currently, this water is taken out of circulation by being transported to salt water disposal wells (SWDs) and pumped thousands of feet underground.  In 2020, the state of Texas disposed of approximately 4.4 billion barrels of contaminated oil production wastewater through SWDs.

The ongoing drought conditions in Texas have exacerbated this situation and highlighted the urgent need to better utilize severely limited water resources. To address this critical need, Crosstex has partnered with Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc to use CETI's hybrid biotechnology solution at Crosstex's SWD facility in Karnes City, Texas.

Both companies are looking forward to repurposing and transforming this waste into reusable assets for oil operators and companies. Furthermore, this biotechnology process has the potential through enhanced filtration to provide clean water for drinking, agriculture, and various other commercial and residential applications, benefiting communities at large.

"Working with Crosstex marks a new chapter in our bioremediation enterprise as it allows us to showcase our unique total waste solutions in an SWD environment. By combining multidisciplinary innovations, we not only demonstrate environmentally sound practices but also the most efficient and economical ones," said Kim D. Southworth, co-founder and CEO of Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. "


CETI is an environmentally driven aggregator of Water Science Technologies to make water usage and consumption safer, more efficient, and less expensive. Our initial emphasis is on the oil and gas industry. The Company can remediate a wide range of water contamination issues generated by the production of oil & gas which includes removing hazardous waste from sludge and other oil production by-products. The Company also employs innovative, proprietary catalysts, equipment, and processes for increased oil production. We do this by applying 4th Industrial Revolution technologies to greatly simplify the mechanics of oil extraction while radically reducing labor, and transport usage, optimizing oil recovery, plus the ability to monitor activity with instant data and metrics.

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