Samyang launches new industrial water treatment equipment

Dec. 12, 2023
Korean water treatment leader also establishes dedicated water solutions unit and expands global presence in semiconductor industry.
Image courtesy of Samyang
Samyang launched Reverse Osmosis membrane and Electrodeionizer solutions to build all the key materials for ultrapure water production.
Samyang launched Reverse Osmosis membrane and Electrodeionizer solutions to build all the key materials for ultrapure water production.

SEOUL, South KoreaDec. 11, 2023 (PRNewswire) Samyang Corporation, Korea's first company to develop ion exchange resin and a leader in the field of industrial water treatment materials, has launched two new products and established a dedicated organization to leap forward as a comprehensive water solution company in the global market.

Samyang Corporation CEO Kang Ho-Sung announced that the company has released new products with its industrial water treatment brand name, TRILITE. Those products are TRILITE RO, Reverse Osmosis, and TRILITE EDI, Electrodeionizer.

These new products are considered key industrial water treatment materials together with ion exchange resin, playing a primary role in removing impurities by high-performance filters and electricity in the production process of ultrapure water (extremely pure water that removes impurities and has close to 0% ion content) for semiconductors, displays and electronic products. Recently, with the rapidly increasing demand for ultrapure water for semiconductors, the market size for RO membranes and EDI is also growing fast.

The newly launched product, TRILITE RO Membrane has high performance in removing salt and organic matter, high permeability and excellent durability. It is a product specifically designed for brackish water, which contains less salt than seawater and is specialized in the manufacture of industrial water. TRILITE EDI is a device that continuously produces pure and ultrapure water through electricity. It is an eco-friendly product that does not use chemical materials and does not discharge wastewater. The length of the water flow path is lengthy which provides stable operation as well as outlet water quality despite fluctuations in inlet water conditions.

Samyang Corporation, along with ion exchange resin, has established a core water treatment materials line-up for ultrapure water production by launching its RO membrane and EDI. Samyang Corporation has also added new features to 'TriAngle', a self-developed software for designing ion exchange resin systems, including the design systems for RO membranes and EDI.

This provides an optimal combination of designing a water treatment system based on user's needs and this can also make the company a comprehensive solutions provider.

Samyang Corporation also recently established its 'Water Solutions PU (Performance Unit)', a dedicated organization in charge of the water treatment business within Samyang's chemical group and is strategically fostering it at a group level. Starting with the expansion of TRILITE product lines, Samyang plans to strengthen its product portfolio through continuous R&D and to solidify its position in the global semiconductor market including in the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia based on the established global sales network of ion exchange resin.

Cho Young Do, the head of Samyang Corporation's WS PU said, "The global water treatment market is continuously growing because of the recent deepening of water stress through environmental pollution as well as growing ultrapure water demands by the growth of the semiconductor, display, and electronic industries." He added, "With differentiated technology and a brand, "TRILITE" that can provide comprehensive solutions, Samyang Corporation will become a leading company in the global water treatment market."


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