Membrane technologies

Jan. 2, 2024
QUA Group expands water treatment offering with three cutting-edge solutions.

QUA Group, a leading innovator in advanced membrane solutions for water treatment applications, introduces three advanced membrane technologies to diversify its product line.

FEDI GIGA is a next-generation Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI) technology engineered for high-flow ultrapure water production with minimal space requirements. Its unique port design reduces associated piping and instruments, featuring one inlet and two outlet ports. It is the first electrodeionization stack with just three ports—Feed, Product & Reject. FEDI GIGA consistently delivers high-purity product water, effectively removing hardness, silica, and boron. This environmentally friendly technology is most suitable for larger flow applications in industries such as semiconductors, microelectronics, hydrogen, solar, power, and refining, offering high flows with reduced footprint demands.

EnviQ RF is a submerged ultrafiltration membrane designed to enhance membrane bioreactor (MBR) facility operation and maintenance. This addition to QUA’s EnviQ product line features durable PVDF hollow fiber membranes with a unique airflow distribution design. It ensures consistent, high-quality ultrafiltration effluent thanks to its reinforced PVDF membrane fibers with high mechanical strength and tolerance to chlorine and chemicals. EnviQ RF's compact and adaptable design is ideal for handling high-feed turbidity across challenging wastewater applications.

Q-SEP Q-Connect offers a pre-engineered outside-in ultrafiltration rack solution with a reduced footprint, high flow, ease of installation, efficient delivery, and containerization ability. Suitable for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications requiring ultrafiltration-quality water with a Silt Density Index (SDI) <3, Q-Connect is a versatile solution meeting diverse customer requirements.

As a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, QUA specializes in membrane product manufacturing, working closely with system designers and project executors to deliver innovative solutions. The Q-Connect solution enables closer collaboration with system integrators, reducing the time to engineer and install ultrafiltration systems, effectively meeting water requirements within a reduced timeframe.



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